Great achievement begins with a thought

Great achievement begins with a thought
The whole mountain was carved during 5th century

Saturday, February 27, 2010



Emotions is like quantum mechanics. Emotions is very hard to be handled.

Emotions shape the very second that we live. Emotions make you happy and sometimes make you cry. Emotions can lead you to heaven and hell.

The basic emotions:-

When someone is mad, i mean really really mad, he or she can even go up to the extend of killing someone. Anger is not a good emotion at all. This is the kind of emotion someone should try to avoid. We should be able to control our own anger.

This feeling of joy is what everyone should feel to make a better place to live. yay!!

Love is a feeling of likeness but at a higher level. Loves reached nirvana in the 'like' family. You can like your dog, your pc, and even your feet.
You can also love a person. The one who is going to give the meaning of love is the the one for you. For now, I dont know what love means, but( a very big but here), but, I know loving someone is not the definition of life. And one more thing. Love causes temporary blindness and illusions . Make sure you always bring a telescope because the moon is not as beautiful as it looks.

Emo ( the new term for SAD)
Yup... emo is the word..a lot of people like to emo. Being sad dont solve your problem. When I was small, my mum used to tell that the devils will eat people who cry at night. haha...hey, she even explained why. Its because, when you cry, your body will become weak, so the devils can eat you up easily. In a way its true. When you cry or sad, your body will become weak. Dont make yourself weak, be strong.

Last but not least, life is like a roller coaster ride. Just put your hand up and shout your throat out to enjoy the ride.


Thursday, February 25, 2010


I really dont have anything to say for the past few days.

Just afraid to think that from next Monday onwards, I will have live in stupid uniten again for sem 3. hope everything goes well as planned. hehe.. I rather prefer to rot at home than going back to uniten.

I miss my school, st anthony.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


What makes The Memento film a fantastic movie is the time line.

The story is about a guy getting his revenge over his late wife that was raped and murdered. This guys suffers from short-term memory lost. In other words, he cannot create new memories. His memory card is all packed and there's no more room for storing new stuffs. Interesting eh??

Yes, the time line. Another element which spices up the movie is the backwards time line. The movie goes backwards. I know it sounds funny but this is all I can tell. Anything more than this will ruin the movie.

We usually watch movie till the end. In Memento, we watch till the beginning. Cheers


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fuzz on Fire

Issue regarding the cops was microwaved and its steaming hot now.

Recently, there were some articles in the papers about police shooting some people in car believe to pose threat to the law enforcers. Initially, I thought it was some gangster who were tracked and shot. Later while surfing the net, I was shocked to know the details of that incident.

The group of 5 in the car was just another teenage group hanging out on a normal night which then turned into a horrifying, bloody, cold night.

Norizan, the only survivor from the dreadful incident took few bullet shots. Two in the arm, one in the ribs, one in the wrist causing a complete fracture of the wrist and a close shave of the bullet from penetrating the heart. She was also kicked violently after being shot by the police. Norizan lodged a report against the police service.

As usual, the police came up with various cover ups to clean their records.
1. They said that axes and crow bars were found in the car.

2. The car occupants tried to ramp the police car.

I always wonder, why does the Malaysian police service make their lies very obvious? Malaysians are not that dumb.

Questions I would like to ask the police.
1. How did you know that there were axes and crow bars in the car before you started open firing?

2. How did the axes and crow bars posed threat to you in a fully armored and loaded police car?

3. Based on the medical report, Norizan was shot from the back. If you say that the occupants tried to ramp you, did they ramp you in reverse or in go-stand? I never heard or seen anything like this even in fast and furious.

The story of Norizan will be the eye opener for all Malaysians to wake up and realize how 'efficient' is the police service. This case must be taken seriously because it involves us, the citizens. Today is Norizan, tomorrow might be you or me.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1 more

1 more exam left. Economics

I thought all econs exams must have essays questions where I get to crap a lot in that section. Amazingly, my lecturer said that there will not be any essay question. Very funny. What is econs exam without essay question? just abcd and fill in the blanks and ta da!! econs done. I made it sound too easy. The real thing is not that easy as I mentioned. I think I need to study ady before its too late.


2 Days

2 days, 2 papers left, 2 days to holiday, 2 days to friday, 2 days to the eve of chinese new year eve, 2 days to hectic jam, 2 days to create a better post, 2 days to break free from UNITEN's cage, 2 days to the end of sem 2, 2 days to friday prayers, 2 days to having dinner with mum, 2 days to sleep on my comfy bed, 2 days to play my helicopter, 2 days to start AP.

2 Days to go


Friday, February 5, 2010

3 + 4 = 1

When we started, we were different.
You were you, and I was I.

'Hey look, there goes the arrogant fella' said you.

'I dont give a dam' said I.

Sometimes, when I passed you, I tried to acknowledge you. Sometimes you turned back and smiled but sometimes you made me feel like I was some transparent glass.

Well, I still didnt bother about you. Life just kept going on and on till time converged us in one intersection point. The point where I meet you and you meet me. We started being in one place, in one room and in one atmosphere. That was when I got the chance to see who you really are.

Actually, you are not that bad. I might have miss judged you. You treated me well, and we got closer. You somehow tolerated with my naughty behavior and accepted who I am. I'm grateful that I met you.

I know you were very boring. That's why you didnt like my lively character in the beginning. I brought fun in you, joy in you, and most importantly, smile in you. Together, we are happy.

On the last day,

' I somehow gonna miss you sec3' said I.

'Dont worry sec4, there is still sem 3' said you


Gotta revive my blog

I think i need to start writing blog, i mean continue my blog.. but my english is not that power packed so just forget the errors if u find them.. hehe