Great achievement begins with a thought

Great achievement begins with a thought
The whole mountain was carved during 5th century

Saturday, February 27, 2010



Emotions is like quantum mechanics. Emotions is very hard to be handled.

Emotions shape the very second that we live. Emotions make you happy and sometimes make you cry. Emotions can lead you to heaven and hell.

The basic emotions:-

When someone is mad, i mean really really mad, he or she can even go up to the extend of killing someone. Anger is not a good emotion at all. This is the kind of emotion someone should try to avoid. We should be able to control our own anger.

This feeling of joy is what everyone should feel to make a better place to live. yay!!

Love is a feeling of likeness but at a higher level. Loves reached nirvana in the 'like' family. You can like your dog, your pc, and even your feet.
You can also love a person. The one who is going to give the meaning of love is the the one for you. For now, I dont know what love means, but( a very big but here), but, I know loving someone is not the definition of life. And one more thing. Love causes temporary blindness and illusions . Make sure you always bring a telescope because the moon is not as beautiful as it looks.

Emo ( the new term for SAD)
Yup... emo is the word..a lot of people like to emo. Being sad dont solve your problem. When I was small, my mum used to tell that the devils will eat people who cry at night. haha...hey, she even explained why. Its because, when you cry, your body will become weak, so the devils can eat you up easily. In a way its true. When you cry or sad, your body will become weak. Dont make yourself weak, be strong.

Last but not least, life is like a roller coaster ride. Just put your hand up and shout your throat out to enjoy the ride.